Team Lead C++

We are looking for an experienced talented Team Lead C++ who shares our passion for technology

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Full time
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What you’re going to do

  • Integration of the multiple new exchanges into the company’s trading infrastructure
  • Building a team of C++ engineers from scratch and leading it
  • Developing internal tools to optimize integration processes
  • Collaborate closely with experienced HFT software engineers
  • Collaborate closely with business-related teams (QuantitativeResearch, TradeAnalytics, etc.)
  • Scale the trading system by connecting various market instruments (spot, futures, swaps, etc.)
  • Have a direct impact on the growth of the company

The skillset required

  • Higher education in computer science or related technical fields
  • At least 5 years of commercial programming experience
  • C++ (including C++17), STL
  • Cmake
  • TCP/IP
  • Minimum of one year of experience in team leadership
  • Excellent knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures
  • Experience with unit testing libraries (Google C++ Testing Framework)
  • UNIX / Linux
  • Git
  • Boost (beast, asio, msm)
  • Experience in trading systems development is a plus
  • Experience in asynchronous programming / multithreading
  • Shared memory, lock-free programming
  • Knowledge of GDB, profilers
  • Strong softskills
  • Experience in / willingness to launch the product from scratch
  • Outstanding results in top programming / math contests is a plus

Working conditions

  • A powerful workstation and a laptop
  • Flexible work schedule available
  • Salary in $ / ₽
  • Transparent bonus system
  • Coffee, snacks and drinks